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Dog’s Attention


There are only a few things that a dog is expecting from their owners. One of them is attention. So make sure to give the required attention.

Dog’s Approaching


There is a species that a dog should be approached. Make sure to follow them so that they will instantly connect with you.

Pet Activities


Make sure to indulge the pets in the activities that they love. Remember the fact that a happy pet is a healthy pets.

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  • The most famous dog breed from Russia, the Borzoi is one of the perfect dog breeds in the world. And the fact that the Borzois have been around for hundreds of years makes it pretty apparent that this dog breed is one heck of them all! SO here are a few flattering facts about the Borzoi, which you must know! Read on: 1. Until 1936, this breed of dogs was known to the world by the name of American Wolfhound, But the Russians changed this to ‘Borzoi' to make sure the name is in sync with the rest of the international kennels. Any guesses what Borzoi means? It's just an apt summary for all the qualities this dog has – it means ‘swift' in Russian. Dog breed 2. Behavior wise, the Borzoi's are pretty cool and gentle – and they find entertainment amusing! They love running – the Borzoi are at their happiest when left free to run and explore. 3. The main task of the Borzoi in the days back then was to help their masters sniff out wolves during hunting expeditions. Needless to say, these dogs were staple companions of the hunting groups during these expeditions! 4. The Borzoi isn't what you would call a handsome dog. But the package of qualities which it comes with compensates for this! And yes, it's one of the tallest wolfhounds in the world, standing over 32 inches from feet to shoulder. Also, the average weight of a full-grown Borzoi is around 120 pounds. 5. Borzois aren't the kind of dog breed that would curl around in the corner of your home – they are huge and love to stretch. For this, they require their a lot of space which lets them free when they wish to stretch.

      6. A quick, athletic dog breed, Borzois can run up to 35-40 miles per hour. They need to have their share of daily runs and activity to keep them fit and agile. 7. The Borzoi puppies take their own sweet time of three years to develop their heads fully.The head is initially short with a bent head. This changes to a straight nose and finally ends with the head expanding to up to 10 inches! 8. Small stomachs 9. Borzois have small tummies, which make them prone to stomach aches and bloating when fed too much at once. Small, timely meals are the trick to keep your Borzoi fit and fine. Borzoi 10. Leash, leash! 11. The Borzois are basically trained to go after smells that are different and new for their noses – and this trait is pretty active even among the Borzoi pups. So make sure you have your dog on a leash all the time if you don't want him to run off behind some unknown scents! 12. The Borzoi is the 99th most popular breed in America.

  • Dogs are undoubtedly the best pets that anyone could have. They protect your homes and also give a great company. There are no second thoughts about the fact that the predominant population loves dogs. But the problem is that most of them do not know how to take care of them properly. In this article, we will go through some tips for taking care of dogs.

    Provide a clean living environment

    It is not enough just to clean your place and live in a clean surrounding. Dogs are also lives, and they too deserve to live in a clean environment. So make sure that you provide them with a proper and very clean environment. It also contributes to their health. Water

    Provide fresh water

    For every living being, pure drinking water is mandatory, and dogs are not an exception. Since they are active animals, they tend to drink a lot of water. So it is important that you give them proper drinking water.

    Good quality diet

    Just because you love your dog, it does not mean that you can feed anything that you like. There are a lot of ways to show your love. Food is definitely not the way. Consult a vet and provide the necessary food items, so that it will be healthy and overweight can be avoided. Checkup

    Regular vet checkups

    It does not matter whether your dog is sick or not. It is mandatory that it is taken to the vets at regular time intervals. By doing this, you are ensuring that the dog is in the best health.

    Give exercise

    Do not expect your dog to run around on its own. As an owner and a dog lover, it is your duty to provide it with opportunities for it to exercise. For example, you can take it for morning walks and play with them in your free time.

    Develop a relationship

    It is important that you have a very loving relationship with your dogs. All you need to do is spend some quality time with your dog on a daily basis. This is all the more enough to create a good relationship between you and your dog.

    Train them

    Just because you love your dogs, it does not mean that that can do anything that they like. They should be trained properly so that they will be under control. It is necessary that they listen to your commands and behave accordingly. Train the dog

    Practice reproductive control

    If you are not planning to make puppies, then it is necessary to take the required measures. For this particular thing, it is better to consult a vet and follow his advice.

    Dental care

    This is one thing that most of the people miss. People do all the necessary things when it comes to dog care but forget about the teeth. Make sure that proper dental care is given to the dogs. Trim Dog Nails

    Groom and nail trimming

    People generally tend to overlook these things. But your dogs need to subjected to some grooming sessions especially nail trimming at least once in three months. This makes the dog look good, and at the same time, it is safe in many aspects.

Pets & Mental Health

The mental health of pets need to be given much importance. If not it will have very harsh effects on the health of the pet.



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